3/ The Phoneposte postal operator manages the mail according to the Patented process

Sorting office


The Phoneposte envelopes are sent to the postal operator center – they are managed according to the Phoneposte patented process

  • read the phone number of the addressee on the envelope
  • search his/her name and address
  • write the name and address on the envelope
  • the operator hides the phone numbers either by writing on them or alternatively, inserting the envelope in a bigger envelope


and then, the Phoneposte envelope goes to its addressee through the distribution process.

Reading numbers on the envelope instead of names / addresses will lead to a cost reduction.


Thanks to Phoneposte, the operator can manage each envelope or parcel individually.

The operator can build an individual relationship with each client: from the small companies to large groups, as well as consumers.


The value-added services, based on the mix of postal and digital services, create a strong new value.

More generally, Phoneposte renews the interest for the postal mail.


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4/ The postman distributes the envelope