Eliane Maarek is the inventor of Phoneposte.

She has a Doctorate of applied Mathematics and  is graduated from the Grenoble University (ENSIMAG 1975).

She begins her carrier with American multinational groups, specialized in computer networks: Tymshare and General Electric, where she practices sales management.

Then she manages the international business of GEISCO (General Electric Information Services) Europe from London.  GEISCO nominates Eliane as “markmaker” a few times and offers her a GEISCO-MBA at IMD in Lausanne.

Then, at 33 years old, she manages Marketing and Sales for the French-based group Wagons-Lits Tourisme and, after this, moves to the telecoms sector.

She becomes Director of Marketing of the Transpac data network, then of France Telecom Mobiles: this is an outstanding experience, since Eliane closely contributes to the launch of Mobiles in France (“Bi-Bop”, the French CT2 and “Itineris”, the French GSM).

She is then nominated as Head of Strategy for French Telecom Mobiles and represents France at the Strategic Committee of ETSI (European Telecom Standards Institute).

Then she Heads the Strategy for France Telecom Consumers, and manages the 5 years strategic plan, in order to prepare the Group to the competition.

Then she initiates and manages a major Project during 5 years: the UPT (Universal Personal Numbers). With these virtual personal numbers, anyone could send and receive calls on any device anywhere in the world.

In 1999, Eliane decides to start her own business. Since then, she advises decision-makers of major groups.

In 2001, she files the European patent Phoneposte.

Eliane teaches the Marketing at the Executive MBA of HEC during a few years.

In 2009, she creates the Arkelis company, which she still owns and manages. Arkelis is a French-based international consuting firm, expert in strategy, marketing, management and innovation.